First and foremost I thank God for all he has blessed me with. I also THANK Keith Pole and Marsha Bond for giving me my start. I was born in the Winston-Salem aka The Twin City, aka The Camel City because RJ Reynolds has a massive presence in the region. I worked for RJ Reynolds in my youth. I grew up knowing that music was as big a part of me as the blood coursing through my veins.     

    My mom knew I’d be a DJ at an early age. Sometimes on Sundays she would sit me down on the kitchen floor to cook and watch me spin pot lids. I am sure she saw the amazement the spinning lids gave me. 

    1985 I relocated to San Diego to follow my dream as a Dj. There I Dj’ed to a teenage crowd of 800 teenagers 2 days a week. I made various Dj appearance through out San Diego. 

     1985 I once provided music for the very 1st Fashion show for the designer “BAD BOY” aka “Life’s A Beach” which is now known as “CLUB BAD BOY”

      During a trip to Amsterdam I felt vibe of  HOUSE MUSIC so that now I cry when I hear certain melodies.        
          These are the people who have helped guide me thru my MUSICAL JOURNEY OF LIFE: Hakeem Syrbram, DJ-RENAY Part II aka Lydia Bynum, Ronald Speight, Brian Nance, Stef Dc-STEFEK, Dj Alexandra B. 

The Ultimix Founders Dj Bradley D. Hinkle of "THE POWER COMPANY" of Winston-Salem, North Carolina which is now closed(1986). Dj Les Massengale of "The ENCORE". They are the Dj's responsible for teaching me how to count BPM's, How to count Intros, Breaks and how to spot an opening in a song.

The LEGENDARY Bobby Smith of "The Wham" of Greensboro, North Carolina which became "The ENCORE”(1978)

In 1985 Dj Desi Ray Boone who really showed me what sampling and MIDI was all about. In 1986 Dj Chris"Sleepy" Harris who gave me my first opportunity to deliver LIVE MIXING over the FM air wave of "WQFS" a small college radio station in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    Chris “Sleepy” Harris and I had a LIVE SHOW where we did HIP HOP for 1-2 hours and then we would deliver the best HOUSE that was out at the time.